Hi @kellyfish .  That sounds like a truly amazing adventure.  One I wish I had the time to undertake.  You mention that you will be traveling in your "old Toyota Sequoia".  How old is "old"?  A road-trip of that length and scope can put a strain on any vehicle, let-alone an older one.  Make sure you have it thoroughly checked out and prepped before you start, and prepare for minor emergencies by carrying some basic tools and spare parts like tire, water/antifreeze, oil, fan belt, etc, and know where to find reputable service facilities along your route.  Hopefully you won't need any of them, but the alternative could end your trip and your fun prematurely.

There are also some good articles and videos online that provide tips on how to best outfit your vehicle to accommodate storage, sleeping, etc.  One good resource is:


Sounds like a great trip!  Enjoy it to its fullest!

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