My name is Sarah and I am 23 years old from Colorado. I am planning a road trip for myself this summer (if everything is safe and healthy due to COVID-19) and am looking for help planning from anyone that may be experienced. I’m planning to road trip solo across the entire US with the purpose of deciding where I would like to live and move to, because I do not wish to stay in Colorado any more. I will mostly be visiting cities in the USA and not as much nature areas. I could use help with anything anyone is able to advice me on, which may include (but is not limited to):

-How to live in your car while road tripping
-What gear to pack to stay light and compact in your car
-how to potentially refrigerate and cook food in your car (I plan to eat healthy, and cannot afford eating takeout every meal. But I also don’t want to eat “backpacker” food the whole trip)
-hygiene (including washing clothes)
-how to meet new people in a new city
-how to stay safe as a solo female traveler road tripping in your car (including preventing break ins while sleeping in my car, and where to park)
-how to stay in shape while road tripping (I was thinking getting a membership at like a Lifetime Fitness or something)