@kellyfish Wooooooo this sounds like such an exciting trip! I've done similar trips in the past between the Midwest and the West, and also a trip from Tucson, AZ that took me all the way up the West coast. I also commute at least once a year from Tucson to Michigan road-trip style to visit my family, so road-tripping + camping + saving money has sort of become second nature for me.

Personally, if you having camping equipment, instead of sleeping in your vehicle, I would just recommend looking for BLM land, which is land that you can camp on for free (we call this "free dispersed camping" - you can look that phrase up to find other options as well). One website/phone app that I love to use while traveling via car is iOverlander.

If you plan to visit the National Parks, GET A PARKS PASS! They will save you so much money! They work at many National Forests and National Monuments as well, and can sometimes even reduce/eliminate camping fees!

I am also going to share a link to a similar post from a while back. I made a lengthy comment on that post about solo car trips across the country, so I suggest reading my comment for more tips! Although this post was originally geared for females doing solo road trips, there's tons of info I think you will find helpful! You can find the post here.

Let me know if you have any questions, and have fun on your trip!


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