What would be your favorite place to go out and spot wildlife? What kind of gear do you take if your only purpose is to see animals? 

I like to go for trail runs at the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, especially during the spring bird migration. Since I'm running I usually don't take any special equipment, but on occasion I have taken binoculars.  Bald eagles nest there, thousands of warblers pass through, as do many species of ducks and geese. Sandhill cranes also nest there.

Some times I get a good look at whitetail deer with their fawns.  There are rumors of black bears, but I have never seen one there. (Some of the tree stumps do great impersonations of bears.)

But hey, what about you Walkabout?  What's your fav?

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I enjoy doing wildlife spotting down at the Texas coast. Tons of birds, fish other other wildlife along the coast. 

Texas Wanderer

I have had the tree stump/black bear problem when getting in late on the trail. My pace would be twice as fast if i didnt have to stop and make sure the stump isnt moving.



@WalkaboutMT I don't have any favorite spots, or favorite equipment other than the usual safety/emergency gear in my daypack and a small 10x monocular around my neck. Where we live now, there's a lot of jungly terrain that is filled with all manner of reptiles, jewel-colored insects, and mongooses. Some of the mountain springs and creeks have brightly-colored salamanders, too. I'm always spotting something incredible. 

One thing I DID learn, however, is not to bring my younger son, who is 9 and chatters CONSTANTLY on the trail. He has single-handedly scared away tons of wildlife! In fact, we've done some hikes in remote places where the only living creatures we saw were ourselves 😉


Too Funny.  Your 9 year old would be perfect in Glacier National Park or any place with bears as you want to make noise, so that the bears are not surprised.


The best place I ever went for animal spotting was Alaska- particularly Denali.