Hello! Heading out this summer on road trip going cross country with family( 3 kids 19,15,13). Any suggestions on places to stop I would love to hear them. We will be in RV so any cool camping areas too would be great! Thanks!

What's your general route? I assume East-West but are you planning on specific states or are you open to anything?

My daughter (11) wants to do a road trip with me (my 13 year old son is ecstatic about NOT doing a road trip and staying home with my wife LOL) so I am in the midst of planning as well.

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

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We live in PA and are headed west. Looking to spend a good portion of our time in Colorado, Utah, California, Montana, and Wyoming at national parks. Of course the kids have wish lists of things to see and do like Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are going for about 5-6 weeks depending on how smooth trip goes. Just a heads up, National park camping areas are getting hard to book they are so full. 

@Jenlaity5005 same! My wife, kids and I are in PA and planning our trip next summer almost identically to yours...right down to kid expectations for LA & San Fran skate spots 🙂 We'll be staying in national parks as well. I understand that each park may be different as far as when they start accepting bookings, but how far in advance did you book your spots? Thanks!

Hi! I would book ASAP, popular places are selling out fast. I booked most of our campgrounds/hotels about three months ago. Keep in mind some National Parks are requiring additional passes this year or limited shuttle tickets just to get inside parks due to covid. Some of these you can get 60 days prior, though some are 14-days prior. Check websites:) Definitely start booking more popular parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, etc . first bc I had to plan trip around these dates since limited availability during our trip time. where in Pa are u from? We are in the Pocono area. Have a great trip! 

Perfect, thanks! Really good ideas. We're about an hour outside of Philly. Can't wait to build these travel memories w/ the fam. Hope you all have a great trip, too!


I would definitely recommend staying IN the park at Yosemite. We stayed outside and took the bus in. Kinda wish we’d stayed in the park, but I also wouldn’t go back and change it. Kind of a long story. 


They open to reservations 6 months out so you have to hop on it now or mid January for next year. You can usually find a one or two night open. 


Skipping the Upper Midwest?

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We are doing Glacier NP as well for three days. Unfortunately, only availability was on the West side ( wanted to be on East side) but we will make the most of it! We also will be camping in Yellowstone for three days at bridge bay campground by Yellowstone lake. Any recommendations?