Best option, of course, is to check TSA's website but even those rules go out the window if you get a TSA office who hasn't read them (I once got into a fairly polite argument at O'Hare about a tripod - I won but it took a supervisor intervening). 

The knife, obviously, needs to go into checked baggage but I would avoid packing one of my nicer, more expensive knives.

Butane lighters need to be in a special container in checked luggage and those containers are fairly expensive. I would just leave the lighter and buy a two-pack of Bic lighters when I arrive. If you don't like those because they're disposable and just add to landfill, stop by a Walmart or Walgreens when you arrive and pick up a cheap Ronson butane lighter.

The stove should be fine in checked baggage (it *should* be fine in a carry-on but you could easily get it taken away).

Hiking poles are fine in your checked baggage.

One last item - do not use your backpack as luggage. If you do and the airline damages it, they'll claim that it's typical wear and tear. Sure, to them it's wear and tear but to you, it's a useless backpack because a shoulder strap buckle got broken. Instead, get a cheap duffel bag and put the backpack inside. Then the pack becomes "contents" instead.

Safe travels 

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