Mesa Verde is an amazing place.  If they are doing the early morning tours, get a permit for that.  Smaller groups and a more intimate experience with the ruins.  Do the Petroglyph Point Trail, and Long House Loop.  Amazing.

Don't go to Four Corners.  Tourist trap that isn't actually on the site of the four state borders.

Utah -

Arches NP.  Do it all.

MTB anything in Moab.  SlickRock Trail is epic, but there are hundreds of others to choose from.

Bryce Canyon


Arizona - Gotta do Grand Canyon.  Even a few hours on the rim will change your perspective on time, and on life itself.

NM - Chaco Canyon and Bandelier NM

So much to do and see!!!  Make it a month!

Let us know what you chose and how your trip was.


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