What's the best outdoor adventure you've had?  Why was it your best?

@sm91 That's a great question. I have had some epic adventures but, would have to say, my best was a 5 day backpacking trip on the PCT in Washington. A friend and I hiked from Stevens Pass to Stehiken, around Glacier Peak. It was, by far, the most challenging trip that I have done but, in the end, was a beautiful section of the PCT and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment in completing it.  How about you, what has been your best outdoor adventure? 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@sm91  Great question!  Some of my best adventures aren't the most exciting or daring, but leave really impactful memories. For me, one of the best times I can remember was in Olympic National Park, WA on what became an "Olympic flavors" trip. I spent a week exploring the mountains (Hurricane Ridge), the rainforest (Hoh rainforest), and the beaches (Rialto, 1st, 3rd beach). It's tough to find all three climates in one National Park and being able to enjoy all three in a single trip made me appreciate the beauty of mother nature even more!  Have you had your best adventure yet?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@sm91 Paddling through Everglades NP with my son and brother.  The first three days were gruelling, somehow we always managed to paddle against wind and tide to get to our next camping spot.  The next two were hard, but much easier.  It was extremelly challenging for all of us which made it even more rewarding and made sharing it with my family even more memorable.  

My favorite outdoor activity is backpacking through a forest in the spring, snow melting off, sun shining, with friends, breaking out of the trees and seeing magnificent view of mountains.  And then cooking and talking around the evening campfire with friends.

All of my favorite trips have involved enjoying being in nature with friends, I haven't been much of a solo person.

That said, I guess I would say that my best adventure involved a giant leap in personal growth, one younger and one older, the first, climbing the Matterhorn, a very cathartic event for me, didn't feel I had to go around trying to prove myself (as much) anymore, then many years later, going on the JMT solo, many  do it solo, but as I said, I don't do much solo....anyway I had a great time by myself, but a wee bit of any empty feeling, when you don't have anyone to 'high five' at those views, and celebrating the completion.  Also, makes for a lonely victory celebration.  But it was a big jump, in personal growth, for me.

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talking about favorite outdoor activity i love going out for camping in woods and like splitting firewood and then sitting around the campfire and cooking and smoking meat. isn't it interesting doing such activities and enjoying the nature .peace everywhere......


Volunteer Mountain Searcher and Rescue.  Challenging because operations occur in all sorts of weather, time of day (or night), and locations.  Timely action is always required and the technical difficulty necessary is highly variable.

Rewarding because of the blend of individual and team action required.  Experienced great feelings when a rescue concluded successfully, especially when the victim survived.  Nothing beats saving someone's life.

Close behind is the teamwork, again a mix of team and individual action, involved in traditional (i.e., real) rock climbing.  Always nice to reach the summit, but almost always a great experience even if the objective is elusive....

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