Backpacking Laugavegur (hot springs) trail in Iceland

I couldn't recommend this backpacking trip more!  Just did it - BACKPACKING in July 2019.  Total costs (@$600) not incl airfare.

You have the options of staying in the huts and/or have somebody deliver your stuff each day to the next hut (camp or hut), but we were BACKPACKING.

The trail is VERY easy, allow 5 nights in tent.  1 night at each end and 3 in the middle. Never a need to carry more than 1 liter, so pack weight is very low.  No bears. A little over 30 miles.

Scenery is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC.  Shameless plug for my youtube video, or video of just pictures

Again, I recommend backpacking the trail.

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Iceland's Laugavegur Trail (Hotsprings Trail) from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork 1-5 July 2019. Backpacking
Backpacking Icelands famous Laugavegur Trail, from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork. July 1-5, 2019