Hi @Nicoru - I'm so excited for you! Bergen is great. Def try the fish market in the city center.

I'm not sure how far you're up to venturing out. I would recommend the app Outtt to try to find some trails. VisitNorway.com will also have info and you should be able to find kayaking info there. Check out airbnb adventures too.

The Hardangervidda area is amazing and about 3 hours or so east. There is a glacier there you can trek (there are guides you can work with) and a lot of hiking. I loved Jostedalsbreen NP but that is about 5 hours north near Stryn. If you can make it up that way the Loen Via Ferrata is amazing!

You're going to love it! It's just beautiful. Tell us all about it when you get back!!