@islandinthemist Comparatively speaking, everything in Iceland is expensive so I would just count on spending more than you anticipate. I rented a vehicle, brought my camping gear, and spent a month exploring the country. I was there from September 15-October 15 2017 which is getting into Iceland’s “off season”.

As of 7/15/19, the average price per gallon in US dollars was $7.22 per gallon. What I found to be the most expensive was food. Budget more for food. A basic burger and fries cost me right around $25 whether I was in Reykjavik or one of their many tiny (and beautiful) towns. The only meal I found to be consistently cheaper was the fish soup that could be found everywhere too.

If you’re used to being on the road and car camping or hiking you shouldn’t have a problem finding the many trails and camping spots. Depending upon the time of year that you’re there, it may be a little more difficult to find an “open” camping spot.

I’m not a big planner so when I arrived in Reykjavik I went to a bookstore and bought two small pocket photo books of Iceland. They were filled with nothing but pictures and the location of each photo. If I liked one, I would mark it on my map. That is basically how I planned my route around the country. I really liked the National Geographic map of Iceland I bought too although I did buy this map prior to leaving for the trip. I don’t remember if I saw it in Iceland although they did have the Lonely Planet guidebook which I bought too and did have some helpful tips for finding food.


I would recommend renting a vehicle that is classified as approved for F Roads. Even if you don’t plan on driving any F Roads, most of the roads in Iceland are gravel once you leave the main road and there are numerous river crossings if you start to get into the interior of the country. Also, make sure your vehicle has a full size spare and that you check that it’s fully inflated before you leave the rental shop. There’s a lot of open country once you leave the few big towns.


If you’re camping, I found that almost all the communities, no matter how small, had great community pools/bathhouses. For a few dollars you can take a shower or for a few more dollars you can have access to the pools as well. They’re great and they’re everywhere! Some even have washing machines.


Hope this helps someone. Iceland is great!


Oh, you’ll see a lot of people on forums saying don’t go to the Blue Lagoon because it’s too touristy and overrated....well there’s a reason for this and it’s because it’s beautiful (especially at night)! Have fun!