Seeing photos and hearing other's stories from when they've traveled abroad always inspries me and gives me the confidence to travel to new places. Let's hear and see yours!

What is your favorite international travel destination?
What is your favorite story from that trip?
What would you say to someone who is thinking about traveling there?
And, of course, show us a picture or two!

I'll get us started...

My favorite international travel destination (so far):
Norway! We did a considerable loop of the country which started in Oslo, then westward to Odda (where you can hike the famed Trolltunga), then to Flåm to ride the the railway, to Bergen on the west coast (where I've never had a better piece of salmon), northbound to Stryn (where I was awestruck by the cliffs and fjords), and finally eastbound to Oslo to depart. It was a 1500KM circle and I couldn't tell you how many amazing waterfalls were along the way! My absolute favorite moment from ths trip was skipping rocks over a glacial lake below the Jostedalsbreen Glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park

My favorite story from the trip:
En route to our next stop we were surprised to have to pause and allow some goats to cross the highway. I kept looking for a shepherd or someone who was driving them down to this riverbed where there was also a group of cows grazing, but there was noone! There were two cars parked along the riverbed so we decided to stop as well and watch the goats make their way while enjoying the view. The goats were very social! We said our hellos and went on our way. I'll never forget meeting so many funny goats and cows unexpectedly.

What would I say to someone thinking of traveling to Norway:
It's an easy country to navigate. Most people speak English if you aren't up for learning Norwegian. Credit cards excepted everywhere, no need for physical currency. Driving around is also easy and over our long distance we didn't hit traffic ONCE, drove past glaciers, saw waterfalls, met livestock, and never tired of the scenery. I can't even describe how scenic Norway is, I was awestruck the entire time.  We stayed in Airbnbs and had no trouble, everyone was very helpful. If you are hiker, you may find your home here. 

My picture or two (or four):


Bristdalsbreen National Park (glacier and all!)



Frozen lake en route to Odda








Some social goats







En route leaving Stryn








Okay! Now you go!

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Great story about the goats! Reading your post makes me want to go to Norway next time. 

@MickeyWayne Thanks for the travel story!  My friends and I just found a super cheap flight to Bergen, so we booked a very last minute trip (next week!) and rented a car for a whirlwind fjord trip.  We're trying to plan two days of outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, and/or glacier trekking) in the Sogndal area - any recommendations for must dos in the area?  Or did you find any great kayak rental places or tours you reccomend?  Many thanks!


Hi @Nicoru - I'm so excited for you! Bergen is great. Def try the fish market in the city center.

I'm not sure how far you're up to venturing out. I would recommend the app Outtt to try to find some trails. will also have info and you should be able to find kayaking info there. Check out airbnb adventures too.

The Hardangervidda area is amazing and about 3 hours or so east. There is a glacier there you can trek (there are guides you can work with) and a lot of hiking. I loved Jostedalsbreen NP but that is about 5 hours north near Stryn. If you can make it up that way the Loen Via Ferrata is amazing!

You're going to love it! It's just beautiful. Tell us all about it when you get back!! 


That looks like an amazing trip! I'd like to visit Norway one day. Thanks for sharing your story and nice tips!

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