Opt to Act – Simple Action #3

Join REI in making the fight for life outdoors part of your life with The Opt to Act Plan – 52 weeks of simple actions to reduce your impact, get active, and leave the world better than you found it. Full details can be found here.

Action #3 Opt out of junk mail. There are a number of ways you can limit unwanted mail from coming to your mailbox, consider the following:

  • Call 1-888-567-8688 or visit OptOutPrescreen.com to stop receiving prescreened credit card and insurance offers. 
  • The Data and Marketing Association sends out a lot of mail, but for $2 you can block unwanted mail from the DMA for 10 years and it only takes a few minutes.
  • You can also opt-out of coupon packs here.
  • The Federal Trade Commission also provides a detailed guide for stopping a whole host of unsolicited mail.

We’d love to see and hear your ideas, your pictures, your successes and your challenges as you add this habit to your day-to-day life. Share below!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.