Great topic! Sustainability is near and dear to my heart.  I crochet, so I eliminated paper products (with the exception of toilet paper) by using reusable cloths which i make myself.  I also replaced disposable sponges by crocheting scrubbies with coated yarn.  I eliminated water bottles many moons ago in exchange for insulated reusable water bottles and a water filter.  I use a reusable kcup or my French press for coffee. I compost which has reduced my trash to the point of near extinction, yay! I switched to mineral salt instead of deodorant which is much healthier for me and lasts about a year per stick rather than a couple months per stick.  i make my own toothpaste so i don't use the tubes anymore and i super love it and my teeth are brighter, whiter, and healthy!  I switched out most household cleaner for baking soda and vinegar. I am shun excessive packaging when I grocery shop and buy bulk where reasonable.