I also hate the waste.  At home, I take my recycling bin to the curb way more often than the trash.  If I could compost, my trash bind probably wouldn't go to the curb at all.

I buy mountain house in the bags that come with two servings and I split them at home before I go.  I also mix my own oatmeal and trail mix. So yes, I do have the waste of the mountain house bag, but all my Ziploc bags I use, whether for Mountain House, oatmeal, gator-aid powder, or trail mix, I bring them all home with me and I wash them and then use them on my next trip.  When I wash, I just have to be careful not to split the zip-locks at the edges of the bags.  I've been looking at the silicone bags, but haven't yet made the leap.  Washing the Ziplocs has been working so well.

I, too, have looked into preping my own suppers.  The nice thing about Mountain House is that they lyophylize their product; they freeze-dry instead of dehydrating.  Dehydrating, where heat is used to remove the moisture content, can destroy vitamins and other nutrients whereas freeze-drying is easier on the vitamin and nutrient content of the food.  I also think freeze-drying gives a better food consistency.

I love to take cliff bars with me.  They weigh a ton due to their moisture content, but the chocolate brownie ones are a great pick me up in the middle of the afternoon without giving me that sugar rush of energy ad the quick drop.  I'd love to have recipe similar to those. @Dad_Aint_Hip  would you consider sharing your Lara bar recipe?