Well, you could buy dehydrated meals in bulk.  That way you would save the packaging.  I would do this, but believe it or not, the mountain house bulk buys are more expensive per portion than just buying the packets.

seems like everything you take is going to be sealed in something.  It would be tough to put all your food in re-usable bottles/containers, but I guess it's not impossible.

thinking about it...if I carried all my dehydrated meals in one giant zip lock, I could just scoop out what I need. hmm, but since I have different varieties, I'd need multiple bags, kind of like what I do now.

I guess I could put all my breakfast oatmeal mix into 1 bag, but then I use single bags to re-hydrate each days breakfast...I could mix it in my pot, then I'd have to use purified water to clean it, and I hate doing dishes on the trail.

oh well, back to the drawing board

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