I was curious if REI has started looking into better sustainable options for packaging? With the pandemic I find myself like most ordering more online. I know there are a lot of companies trying to find better eco friendly packaging but there is still so much plastic and even worse so many people that don't know/care about how to deal with their packaging.

I usually have things shipped to my local REI and pickup in person. I understand the reason for my items still being in their shipping packaging but after ordering a handful of items over two orders I walked out of the store with a single item in each package. It seems really excessive. If something is being shipped to REI for pickup there could be a better reusable option.

All that being said I don't know if REI has a suggestion box of sorts but if so I'd love to make someone in Sustainability aware of this option if they haven't seen it yet. I've stumbled on the RePack reusable shipping solution. I'd love to be able to get my REI/REI Used items through this service. It's great that you can just ship the packaging back to the main hub for sanitizing but also would love if it could be dropped off in store too. It seems to me like REI is a good company looking for ways to do better and thought I'd offer this little bit of info to maybe get the ball rolling on thinking of better ways to work with packaging.