Hats off to REI for stepping up to their responsibility for corporate sustainability in such a public way.  I just had a few suggestions for your communications to consider so that all your users will better understand your commitment and think about theirs:

* It's still confusing to many people what carbon neutral means, wondering why you're already carbon neutral now but you're still aiming to reduce 55% in the next decade

* Clarify what you mean by greening your supply chain; is it the energy used by those factories or also embedded energy of materials and buildings?  We've working with Nike on greening their supply chain, and it's...complicated.  Many Asian factories produce products for multiple manufacturers and so the accounting is messy / complicated

* Also briefly explain carbon credits (which is something all of us (at least here in Western Washington) can do 

* It seems like your focus is more on fuel-switching and carbon credits more than deep efficiency improvements, which is generally more cost-effective and reliable and has the side benefit of support more local jobs

* Encourage members to opt out of paper mailings and make it easy for them to do so

Again, you're doing a terrific job, one of the industry leaders along with Patagonia, and I'm proud to support you with my business.  Thank you.