Climate change is, beyond doubt, the biggest existential threat facing the outdoors and the outdoor industry. The outdoor industry – and every one of us that love the outdoors – depends on a healthy climate to survive. The panel of business, advocacy, and consumer-facing experts will share their experiences addressing the climate crisis and how the industry is addressing this issue.

This event dives into the way the outdoor recreation industry spans the country. How it materializes in the Heartland, the mountains and on the coasts. How it offers economic lifeblood to much of rural America, and yet, how that economic vitality is jeopardized without addressing climate change.

Representatives from REI Co-op, the Outdoor Industry Association and Protect Our Winters will discuss the multiple perspectives shaping our path forward and how we hope a consumer, advocacy, and business-focused strategy forward will mitigate the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

The event will be a moderated panel discussion with ample time for Q&A.

Tune in on Wednesday, 9/23 1:00pm EDT. 

You can access the event on Zoom:

Webinar ID: 961 3921 0642 Passcode: 255502

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