This is an arresting recent inquiry with an REI customer service person, regarding the second failure of the exact same product within a year. 

 Julie M (Listening)

 Julie M: Thanks for reaching out to us! My name is Julie M and I'm happy to help.

 marty: Hi, i have ordered two REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pads(Item Number: 1107230004) and the second one just failed. Each was beyond its return window and its very frustrating. I spent 120 for each!
 marty: Is there anything you can do at all?
 Julie M: Hello Marty, thank you for reaching out to us. We stand behind our products for a full year after the date of purchase. If your air mattress failed within that year, we are happy to exchange it or refund it.
 marty: I know Patagonia has a lifetime warranty and return policy and so I'm always unsure of whether to use REI because of the return policy
 marty: And that is the problem because these are each more than a year old. One year is not very long for outdoor products

 marty: The idea of built in obsolescence is something that really bothers me about REI

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 Julie M: I understand. In that case, another brand might be a better solution. I'm sorry there is not more I can do to help.

  marty: in other words, "'tough luck', go somewhere else"?

 marty: I have been an REI co-op member for over 15 years but I will probably quit now, and make sure that my friends and social media following as well as the REI management know your response

 Julie M: Of course!

 Julie M: I will pass it along.