@camilian3711  A few questions for you:  First, are you a writer for The Onion? 

How would you suggest keeping kids & rebellious teens in the dark about the world around them?  Think about it -- no glaciers, no snowfall, no historic rainfall, no flooding categories (100yr, 50yr, 5 yr), no tropical storms / hurricanes / cyclones, no wildfires, no wildlife (e.g., bird & insect migration), no crops or vegetation (changes in seasonality, pollination/germination, crop success), no recycling bins, no electricity, no wood burning stoves, no running water...  (this is just a short list as an example).

Where would you have children place blame for the current state of the environment? 

What types of arguments over sex and money are children and rebellious teens in your life starting?  I haven't ever encountered that around any of the schools I've taught in, so I'm really curious about your experience.  Perhaps you're thinking of "religion and politics in polite company", as it was called back in the day?  I've always wondered why parents who are so sure of their values & of the way they're raising their kids are so reluctant to allow the opinions of others -- after all, a person who stands steadfast in personal beliefs and in teaching children shouldn't be fearful of differing viewpoints.

Where are the open border activists and these so-called nameless "reports" you refer to?  I haven't seen any, nor have my other friends and relatives in border states and non-border states (I asked -- the poll came back with no evidence of this anywhere) -- only loud pundits attempting to scare people (including children or rebel teens) that political adversaries want open borders. 

What carbon footprint increase are you referring to people wanting at the border?  Seems like major construction work (involving transport of low mpg diesel and gas construction vehicles AND transport of materials from factories to the border), while bypassing all environmental protections would be the main culprit.  The vigilante citizens self-appointed as patriotic border patrol, crisscrossing the desert in high profile, low mpg trucks are a runner up.

Migrants have been "flooding" into  the USA since before it was the USA by definition -- Spanish, British, and French explorers and colonists -- talk about changing culture, use of resources, population booms!  And let's not forget about the migrants who took land, and then had the audacity to officially move the border to protect what they claimed as theirs (yes, that would be CA, AZ, NM, & TX).

How much do you personally spend on bottled water? 

What fuel source are you using for HVAC technologies in your home?

Do you drive your own vehicle (and what class of vehicle is that)?  How often do you walk or ride a bicycle instead?

Do you abstain from eating meat?

It's a lot easier to complain than to implement solutions on a personal basis.