All REI retail stores are closed.  The earth still turns and gravity still works.  This is exactly the situation when I joined REI in the early 60's, working at an isolated National Monument near Flagstaff, AZ.  In those times, a  member received a black and white catalog about twice a year.

You scanned the selections, and mailed in your order.    In due course, your goodies arrived.  Things are much faster now, especially with the proliferation of retail stores everywhere.

I first set foot in a local store in 1985, walking into the sole Los Angeles outlet.  Now there are approximately a gazillion.

One irony is that I had signed up for a class at the Oxnard store,- "Unexpected Urban Emergencies" to be given March 18.  Looks like the field exercise precedes the class work.

Anyway, I am going to endeavor to spend my dividend on something absolutely critical, and receive it by mail, eventually.  The internet certainly facilitates the process.  And we can all tell our grand kids about the time when REI closed their doors...

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