Join REI in making the fight for life outdoors part of your life with The Opt To Act Plan- 52 weeks of simple actions to reduce your impact, get active, and leave the world better than you found it. Full details can be found here.

Now that you’re aware of the single-use plastic items you’re using, try to cut that number in half. And know that we’re right there with you. Of REI’s current waste stream, more than 20 percent is made up of thin-film plastic, including polybags (the clear plastic bags used to ship apparel). By the end of this year, REI employees and customers will see a substantial reduction in polybags. REI Co-op brand apparel is already polybag-free, but they’re still common across the outdoor industry. That’s why we’re sharing our techniques and working hard with partners to make sure we all produce less waste, this week and every week.

Take part: March 15–21, 2020

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.