We recently switched to shampoo bars in our household to help reduce plastic waste, but the few kinds that we have tried seem to leave that post-soap sticky/slippery residue feeling. They smell great, are easy to use, and I would like to continue buying bars as opposed to single use containers, but I’m not a huge fan of the soap residue feeling. A few social media pages I follow have commented on products they’ve found without this side effect, but most are from local shops in foreign countries (so not easily accessible for me here in the U.S).

Has anyone has had a more positive experience with a certain brand or type of shampoo bar? Thanks for any suggestions!


I would check your local Co-ops and Farmers Markets - I know we have several vendors here in Charlotte that sell those types of products.

@Former community member thanks for posting this topic! I have also tried shampoo bars, wanting to eliminate the plastic of my normal shampoo containers, and found my hair started to break more easily after only a few weeks of use. So, while I don't have any suggestions, I'll be watching this thread closely for others' ideas!

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