funny story...I was skiing in Zermat, Switzerland (as opposed to Zermat, Texas, lol) (name drop), when the weather started getting bad, fog coming in.  Well it was no good trying to ski so I took a lift that would get me near the top where a couple of restaurants were and headed in the general direction of the buildings until becoming completely socked in by the fog.

I knew I was getting close when I could hear folks talking, doors opening and closing, but I couldn't actually see the buildings.

As I was pushing myself on the fairly level surface, the voices started growing dimmer and I was getting a tad bit worried.

Suddenly, the ground started gently sloping down and I thought, ok I'm getting back to the piste, I could hear the chair lifts, I must have turned just a bit.

But now I was on a piste full of folks, going down, but I wasn't sure which trail I was on.

Then I heard the voices of other skiers, but not longer in German (or the swiss version), which was spoken around that area, but now Italian!

So with no choice but to ski down and figure out where we were, still in a white out, we skied down and fortunately got below the clouds and got to a lift line.

Well, we had accidentally skied between the restaurants and over the border into an adjacent Italian area.

The problem was, they were on a different pass and wouldn't let us go back up!

But after some arguing, pleading, and begging, and an exchange of Swiss Francs, the dude let us go back up...and we were saved!

unfortunately, for once, no pictures!

but wait, here's a pic from that area when we went there on another trip to start the high route, again, but thwarted again, due to avalanche danger.

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