HI @Diesseldorf 

I have been caught in an interesting weather once or twice.

1. December of 2018, my trip near the Carson Pass, south of Lake Tahoe. I was planning to do a 7-mile loop connecting the three lakes (Frog Lake, Winnemucca and Woods lakes). This is a well-known route although I had tentative plans to spur to the Round Top lake. I was touring solo, didn't have a dedicated GPS device or map, and relied on my phone GPS with OSMand app for navigation.  The app froze and had to be restarted 7 (seven) times. The temperature was in the 20s, I had my phone connected to a power bank, an by the end of the trip the bank was half-drained.


The image was taken from the ice surface of the Winnemucca lake, to which I treaded unknowingly, and you can see why.


There were several moments when I saw just white and the tips of my skis. The cloud was sitting essentially on top of the lake so as soo as I exited the bowl, I was in the clear. I have good memories about this trip, despite a few darn stupid things I did (in addition to skiing alone). Some time later I found out that the avalanche danger for that day was Considerable, and I exited the bowl along north-pointing gully, which was connected to the avalanche terrain (a classic north-eastern slope). While skiing down a gentle slope I fell and found myself in the powder below my skis. That was a powder day and I was on cross-country skis, 68 mm underfoot with Magnum BC bindings, which are non-release bindings, so I had a chance of ending up in NARSID situation. From today's perspective that was a cautionary tale. 

I documented another merry trip here.


Another solo trip, which was cut short after I was literally blown away by the ridgetop winds while transitioning.