I bought a brand new Burton Storyboard at the beginning of last season and put maybe 15 days on it and it is delaminating already. I am already planning on returning it but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with Burton. I have noticed that their quality has gone down tremendously and am not planning on purchasing anything else from them ever again. That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for stiff, aggressive, and fast women's boards? 

No experience with boards, only skis, but friends of mine who board have not had issues with their Nitro, Ride, or Salomon boards.  I know that those brands do make women's boards for all-mountain, advanced/expert rider types.  Best of luck. 

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Yeah, honestly I never buy burton hard goods. The outwear I have had great experiences with. A little background on me I have been snowboarding for about 14 years. I have taught all four of my kids to snowboard we get passes to Park City every year and go between 20-30 times a season. So know that you know I have a least some experience in this matter I can tell you my reconditions on boards. My top three brands and Capita, Salomon and Bataleon. Close runner up Nitro. Boards are so different for the type of riding that you want to do. If you could tell me what type you prefer I can give you a more detailed recommendation. I will use myself as an example. 60% Park(40% Jib, 20% Jump) 30% Powder and 10% all mountain.