Hi @shawnpstone ! Great question- Unfortunately, I have to start my response with a caveat: Avalanche conditions in the western US are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS this season. This has been one of the most deadly avalanche seasons the US has ever seen. 25 people have died in avalanches in the US since January 30th. Never travel in avalanche terrain without appropriate training, appropriate equipment and the ability to carefully and properly assess the risk you assume when heading into the backcountry. Know before you go.

On to your question, the shortest answer is 'No'. Most access trails to backcountry turns near TSV travel through at least some exposed, avalanche-prone terrain, even if exposure is brief. Even the lower-angle slopes near TSV are at risk right now from dangerous snowpack conditions up high.

Long Canyon  is good example of this. The route itself is lower-angle and is popular among folks seeking turns when avalanche conditions are not ideal, but it is still below terrain that can and does produce avalanches. Here is a picture from Taos Avalanche Center 4 days ago showing a slab building on the leeward side of Long Canyon. The ski ascent/descent route is just out of frame to the right. Do not ski this route right now.

Long Canyon Slab.jpeg

I hope this is helpful, although I know it's not the answer you wanted. Stay safe out there!

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