@GlenFlint XC ski bindings can get really confusing. SNS profil isn't compatible with SNS pilot and NNN isn't compatible with NNN BC. The chart on this page is really nice to see the compatibility of different boots with binding systems: 


1) For the most part SNS (Salomon nordic system) is on its way out. That means you can probably pick up a used pair for pretty cheap on craigslist. 

2) NNN BC (backcountry) skis are typically wider and have metal edges. You don't want to mount NNN BC bindings on non-BC skis. 

3) Classic XC skis have a kick zone (area under your foot often with a fishscale pattern) and a glide zone (tips and tails). The skate skis have just a glide zone from the tip to the tail. All your traction comes from the V skating stride. Skate skis don't work with the diagonal stride of classic skis. REI sells all types of XC skis. If you look under the technical specs there is a section for Ski Design: Classic or Skate. 

4) I'd take a quick look on craigslist for SNS profil boots, but make sure your bindings are profil and not pilot! 

Hope this helps!