My wife and I have been cross country skiing for several years.  Our skis are Rossignol Advantage with SNS Profil bindings.  I  ordered new boots after the old ones wore out.

My mistake was to think there were only two types of cross country ski bindings: 75 mm and SNS Profil.  So I picked out some boots with the bar on the toe and figured I was good to go.

When our boots arrived I discovered my wife's ski boots are NNN, Turnamic and mine are NNN, BC.  Our boots aren't compatible with our skis or with each other's boots!  After trying to educate myself on the internet I have several questions:

  1. Is it possible to purchase SNS Profil ski boots?  Have they become obsolete?
  2. I ordered NNN, BC bindings from REI.  However, the binding are slightly wider than the skis.  Is this desirable?  Do the NNN, BC bindings require wider skis?
  3. Are all the cross country skis at REI skate skis?  Skate skis appear to be more of a workout than the classic skis we're used to.  Do skate skis also work with the classic style?
  4. What's the best way out of this pickle?  New skis with bindings?  Hope to find some SNS Profile boots that will fit on ebay? 

This is more complicated than I imagined!

Thanks for your help.

Glen Flint