I have purchased swix from REI but it's cold here now and I need something 'harder'.  I'm looking for rub in wax (not iron in) for 0-10 degrees F.  I think swix vp blue 30 is the right stuff but neither REI nor anyone else seems to carry it .  So... best bet for cork on grip wax for temps 0-10 degrees F?



Thanks for reaching out!

It does sound like the Swix VP Blue 30 is the correct wax for your needs. Unfortunately, we are out of stock online of all of our kick wax for cross country skiing. Due to variables in shipping and processing at this time, we are unable to estimate when we will be back in stock. Your best bet would be to check in with your local ski shop to inquire as whether they have wax available or if they are able to order some. 

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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the next set of XC skis I get will probably be waxless

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