I was there in June (the warm season - comparatively speaking).  I was a volunteer member of the NPS patrol and did not advance very far beyond the Advance Base Camp - was there for about two weeks until HQ pulled us out.  Our team leader was Ralph Moore, then a climbing ranger at Denali.  When I last knew, he was Superintendent at Gates of the Arctic.

We had planned a summit day, doing it all from ABC (we were acclimated by then)but would up treating a serious HAPE case.  Our efforts were monitored by Dr. James Wilkerson (Medicine for Mountaineering) and that was a very nice alternative.  Had a worthwhile critique afterward.

The irony was that I was full time staff at Channel Islands NP at the time, and I took 30 days leave to got to Alaska and volunteer for the patrol.  But it was a totally wonderful experience  and NPS provided a lot of specialized gear.  Quite a contrast with most climbs in the desert Southwest, where glaciers are rare.

Were you on the hill when I was there?  There were lots of folks at ABC, and many didn't get a whole lot further.  1987 was a record year for the lowest percentage of successful climbs - just recently surpassed.  Small world, isn't it?

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