Hi, I'm preparing for a two-week self-supported ski tour across Baffin Island later this year or more likely next year if covid-19 travel restrictions aren't lifted.  I've previous back-country wilderness experience in Europe and Scandinavia. Twice a week I drag a car tire around a local park here in London, much to the amusement and curiosity of joggers and dog-walkers. This exercise mimics to some degree the challenge of skiing across ice and snow while pulling a sled. The tire weighs 13kg (29lb) and I add weights, currently 5kg (11lb). The surfaces are primarily paved and maximum inclines are around 10%.  Using a GPS device I complete around 10km (6 miles) with an elevation gain of around 200m (660ft) on average on each two hour training exercise.

There's a lot on the web about the setup for tire dragging but perhaps not surprisingly little on training programs using tire dragging in preparation for an expedition. I'm interested in any tips and advice. One metric I want to track is energy used (kilojoules) but I can't figure out a way to calculate this!

Any help is much appreciated!

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