@TomV Thanks for reaching out!

I have really similar dimensions to you! I measure my waist at 38" and my inseam at around 29". It definitely makes for some interesting shopping, particularly for snow pants or for bikes (I'm almost 6'1" so that makes for a long torso). I typically go with a 32" inseam pant and the first place to wear out is usually the back of the cuff wear it drags a little bit on the ground.

My current go-to ski pants are an Arc'teryx Sawatch softshell backcountry ski pant which, unfortunately, are no longer available. Arc'teryx measures the inseam of their XL pants (fits me at 38" waist well) at 33". They do list their 'short' inseam at 31.5" for their size XL pants (if they make them in the style you like). I went with those for a handful of reasons:

  • They have great reinforcement at the cuff of the pants, mainly to protect from the metal edges of your skis, but I have also found them to be great when riding my fat tire bike in the winter and protect from rubbing against the drivetrain.
  • I opted for a softshell pant because I was cycling as much as skiing and needed the breathability for that level of aerobic work. As I was riding/skiing in the Interior of Alaska in the winter it was also very unlikely that I would be encountering rain or wet snow, so the water resistance of softshell fabric worked great for me. If I am remembering correctly you are in Minnesota, so I am sure your winters are pretty comparable to Alaska in that regard!
  • Most importantly: they came with suspenders, which I have found to be critical in keeping the cuffs from dragging on the ground or otherwise interfering with the operation of bindings, snowshoes, or riding my bike.

While the pants I purchased came with suspenders, I have since upgraded with a different set (the Arc'teryx suspenders were very thin and I wanted something a little more heavy duty). I highly recommend the Arcade Belts Jessup Suspenders as they are very comfortable to wear and definitely get the job done for me! You may be able to add the suspenders to a different set of ski pants and have them work great for you. I have had no issues with the back of the cuff with this pair of ski pants.

We do have some some styles of ski pants that come in short lengths. One that I am excited to check out is the new REI Co-op First Chair GTX Bib Snow Pants. I will need a waterproof ski pant now that I live in the Pacific Northwest and will be skiing and riding in significantly wetter conditions! That model comes in a short length (the one I linked) and it looks like the inseam is right around 30" for the size XL.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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