There may be a market for an ultra-thin, weatherproof, heat-retentive mitten with patented gripping material on the palm and thumb pad.  It would need to allow as much dexterity as possible but still be protective.

Have you seen a design for a mitten that could be used by ski-ers?


@Mitt Thanks for reaching out!

We have a couple of options that may work for you, however, you may want to wait for a couple of months when we are fully stocked on our winter assortment, which will likely include many other styles of mittens. In the meantime, take a look at these options:

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I absolutely love the Hestra 3 Finger trigger finger mittens for dexterity and waterproofiness. I'm a ski patroller, so I need to be able to tie knots, arrange gear, etc. when it's blowing. The waterproofing comes when they are properly oiled. I can usually get an 8-10 hour shift out of them, unless it's dumping when I carry 2-3 pairs. They are not ultra-light, but they're not heavy.