@Dmitry   HAHA!  Yes, the weight is worth it IMO.  Especially in the winter when the sun goes down early but you are not quite ready for bed.  Get the wood stove going and kick back with a book.  The heat is wonderful and you'll even find that it's not unheard of to open up the door to cool it off a bit.  Even on a cold day/night.  Keep in mind that there is no floor (can be purchased separately) but in the winter you can dig out a sitting area, pack down the snow, or just sit your bedding with a good mat on a groundcloth directly on the ground. 

I would actually prefer a tipi style tent (once it's all staked out) over my 4-season tent.  They hold up really well and shed the snow like a dream.  They wind really is not too much of a factor either as long is you have it set up well.

It's definitely a different way of camping than I have been familiar with in the past.  There's lots of YouTube videos out there on hottent camping to check out.  Make me ready for the first frost for sure.

Another brand to look at is https://www.tipitent.com/.  I'm sure there are plenty more in nylon type fabrics out there and you can definitely find a bunch in canvas if you are wanting something REALLY rugged (and heavy).