With ski season is over (at least for me), the question arose of post-season tuning and waxing the skis and their storage. 

I have a decent ski quiver, consisting of 4 pairs of cross-country/BC skis (3 out of 4 pairs have full length metal edge and are fairly wide) , 1 pair of dedicated resort downhill ski and 2 pairs of AT skis with tech bindings. As long as I know, the bases of the AT skis are generally thinner than those of the resort skis but made of harder material, at least some Voile models do have stiffer bases. Therefore I think it is not unreasonable to assume that the tuning procedures for the AT and resort skis could be different and some shops may do later but not the former.

So, I have these questions to the community:

1. Are there any good and reliable places to tune AT skis (primarily, do REI tune them) in the Bay Area. Calski is good place but that's a long commute.

2. How all three types of skis are stored best? 

So far I was storing XC/BC skis horizontally in the closet, upside down (bases up)  to preserve the camber from potential creep. Since my resort skis are full traditional camber, I did the same for them. I am not so sure what to do with AT skis, as they have both rocker and camber and both have lots of carbon in them.

What should I do with bindings and brakes, I assume that the bindings need to be switched to ski mode to allow for the full expansion of the brakes. Do I dial down DIN settings?