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The PNW offers SO many great touring (and resort) options! 

When it comes to skis, the 95-115mm underfoot width range will make great all-around options. Where your 'ideal' ski lands in that range will depend a lot on how you like to ski. If you're mostly skiing on weekends, regardless of conditions, I'd steer you toward the lower end of the range since you'll likely want better firm-snow edging ability when it hasn't snowed for a while, while still giving good powder performance. If you're chasing storms, and skiing mostly deep, soft snow, the wider end of that range can give you better flotation and more 'playful' performance, while still performing pretty well in firm conditions.

For a good mix of these skis, You might take a look at these:

  • Black Diamond Helio and Boundary series skis: The Helio series is a lightweight carbon ski, built for touring and great in the mixed conditions we find in the PNW. The Boundary series is a great 60/40 in/out of bounds ski that offers great performance on the resort and is light enough for touring - these are all available in widths from 95-116
  • DPS Wailer series: The Wailer 99 and 112 are some SERIOUSLY fun powder skis that also offer great performance on tracked-out resort snow. They are offered in three different constructions, so you can match the performance-to-weight balance that you want
  • Black Crows Camox Freebird: An awesome all-around ski at 96mm underfoot that tours extremely well, and is also a blast in-bounds

Since you'll be skiing the resort fairly often, the Salomon Shift, Marker Kingpin and Fritschi Tecton(sold by Black Diamond through REI) are all awesome touring bindings that offer performance characteristics near to that of a traditional step-in alpine binding.

There are other touring bindings out there, and you may decide that you'd rather save weight and ski in-bounds on a traditional pin-tech touring binding, but for great balance of performance to weight, I'd start with looking at these. 

There are some boot-to-binding and binding-to-ski compatibility requirements to consider- please feel free to reach out as you come up with more questions!

Hope this is helpful!

Enjoy your turns!

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