I have an unusual question for people who are familiar with the area around Olympic National Park.  I'm planning a trip with my wife for next year, and while it has been 20+ years since I've been there, I remember seeing recent clearcuts along the road. My wife has very strong reactions to such things. (She has never been diagnosed, but I suspect she's very slightly autistic, given her affinity for trees. She finds the sight of one being cut down seriously traumatic.) So, any advice on avoiding such "scenery" would be appreciated!



Hi @DaveBaldwin - We're hopeful that someone with recent experience in the area will be able to weigh-in as well, but we wanted to pass along the information of the Olympic National Forest office too.

While the state of logging on public and private lands in the peninsula does shift from time to time, that team will know the status of active logging and more specific locations. Hopefully a conversation with a ranger there can lead to you and your wife avoiding a potentially stressful experience. 

The Olympic National Forest Supervisor's Office can be reached at 360-956-2402, Monday - Friday 8am-4:00pm PT. 

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I considered looking up timber sales. I'm concerned about private operations, too, though... I seem to recall G-P owning a lot in the area?

It looks like we'll be hiring a shuttle... hopefully they'll know and be able to work around anything active, at least. It's the first time my wife has gotten really excited about a backpacking trip, so I'm going to a lot of trouble to keep her happy.


@DaveBaldwin - I agree that the shuttle employees, with their frequent trips along specific routes, should be a great resource for this info. 

It's great to hear your wife is excited about this backpacking trip! Hopefully y'all have an amazing time. You're in quite the spot to see some truly breathtaking trees. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

Walking among giants in Olympic NP (Fall 2015)Walking among giants in Olympic NP (Fall 2015)


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.