I have limited experience with my Tiger Wall in rain but it worked fine in a Sierra squall and hail storm.  It is a popular tent on the PCT.   Possible issue I have heard are that rain can bounce up under the fly and the solid panels of the body are not waterproof. Not sure if that is true.  I didn't have that issue but I was camped in a well drained spot. Also it is semi freestanding and can take longer to set up than the freestanding copper spur.  If you get the factory footprint you can set it up fly first but that feature is probably more practical as fly last to keep the body drier when taking down the tent. The CS has that feature also. The fixed guylines on the TW do need modification to be more adaptable.  Probably true of similar tents. The new CS has those nifty porches which could be nice in the rain. You definately should use some kind of footprint with these tents.

You may want to consider a single wall trekking pole tent since these are naturally fly first and while the must be staked, with practise they can go up very fast...particularly those that use a single pole. They are typically mostly single wall so condensation can be more of an issue.  The Zpacks Altaplex is one example. Made from Dyneema which does not absorb water like nylon used in most lightweight tents but it is expensive and there are some concerns about longer term durability.