Hello adventurers!

Starting August 12, NW Peaks Brewery will be hosting a free weekly Monday night Happy Hour + Adventure Summit in Ballard for members of the Seattle outdoor community. Whether you are a trailrunner, kayaker, mountainclimber, or otherwise, you are invited to come join for an evening of socializing, conversing, and beer drinking!

The event will begin with a social happy hour from 6-7pm (with happy hour beers!). The happy hour will be followed by presentations from three attendees sharing their favorite/recent/scariest/etc adventure story, and will conclude with a presentation from a special guest speaker--a local author, race winner, entrepreneur, etc. The event will focus on bringing together cool people doing cool things, and encourage everyone to share their stories!

Everyone is invited to sign up to share a 10-15 minute story, or to suggest a guest speaker (or both!). Feel free to do so on rebrand.ly/trailshare

The event is 100% free, but you can reserve a spot on the facebook event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/355774065062121/