I like all kinds of music, but surprisingly settle into longer runs with the help of artists like Buble or Avett Bro. For audiobooks, it’s weird but I like the Zombie apocalypse genre. For podcasts, which are increasingly my go to, I like to hear from disciplines people, such as D Goggins or Jocko.

I never listen to anything other than nature sounds while on the trails. I DO train in my hilly neighborhood during the week sometimes and will listen to ultrarunning podcasts during those runs.

@REI-HeatherH I don't listen to anything while running on the trails (aside from nature itself) but will often listen to podcasts or audio books while running around town. 

Music when I run on the roads, but not on the trails.

I have a pretty diverse musical taste, but it definitely leans more toward the metal/sludge/punk/psychedelic side. I do blast some Christmas music from time to time, especially during the brutal summers...helps keep me cool psychologically πŸ˜‰

I find it really messes up my cadence, and takes me out of the experience. But, I know there is a sharp divide on music in the running community, and I don't begrudge anyone enjoying theirs - so long as they can still hear me!


(It is absolutely impossible to pass a trail runner with both headphones in and the volume cranked.)

I'm with @Elena and @StatenIslander on this one. In wilderness, I'm disinclined to listen to anything, generally. In settled lands, I'm all about the audiobooks, dozens  per year. I find that music makes me too hyper-aware of the rhythm of my steps vs. the music. And in hilly areas or when I have to adapt to roads/traffic/other humans, my pacing is never going to be consistent to a beat.

I'm a music person x 10000 while running.  Usually I need something exceptionally upbeat to keep me and my dying lungs going the distance.  I'd love to get into Podcasts while running but I don't think I could think that deeply while running hard miles. 


I prefer to listen to music when I run, although I don't have a specific genre as I am a "mood listener." I have listened to everything from Christian to country to jazz to rock.  Whatever I am feeling at that time is what motivates me and helps me maintain a pace. Running for me is an escape so podcasts don't work as well. And when I run trails I don't like to have headphones in, both for safety and to be able to enjoy the quiet sounds of everything around me.  Very relaxing!


Depends on my mood. I got inbetween podcasts and music but for longer runs sometimes I just really like the freedom of nothing in my ears. 

I listen to both music and podcasts, but trending more towards pods. This is going to sound like a plant but "Wild Ideas Worth Living" (brough to you by REI) always puts me in a good mood and motivates me. Every episode is an interview with an influential/creative/innovative person, almost always involved in the outdoors somehow. Highly recommend.