Aging sucks.  I'm a mountain dirt trail runner at 61 still...... and I'm going to keep running till my knees give out....literally!! I'm grateful that I can still do what I do at over 7000+ ft in elevation, on technical mountain trails and away from most people in the solitude of nature. I've been running/staying active for most of my life and I truly believe it's one of the reasons I'm still doing what I do. I ran before and after marriage, having kids, finishing my degrees while working FT, and moving to different states and changing jobs, life's crises, etc.. However, as a person of color, my main hesitation is running in places (when I travel) that I 'know' I'm not welcome or avoided but I still show up and finish. 

I consider myself a 'social' person and greet other runners but it seems like I make them 'feel' awkward ......... I don't take it personally, it's their problem. But it sure would make for a more 'fun' event at the end. I love the comaraderie of post-run events. Having said that, I don't miss much about racing because I don't think I have lost much between pre-COVID and present races that have COVID rules. I am not comfortable running races even now ......probably till next year (2022). So with aging (in my experience), I keep to myself, run against myself, run to enjoy the event, and as DharmaDude stated "no need to run fast."  I'm always in training and enjoy running 50ks......however I love hiking and camping as well. Just trying to keep balance in my activities so I don't get depressed on what sucks with running as you age.  

Take it easy, find gratitude, embrace the life changes, and as the saying goes, "it's suppose to be fun."