I've had a double handful of musculoskeletal injuries. Even with that I remain active. I climbed a mountain last week with 2000 vertical feet of elevation and decided not to run down it, which is the first time I've chosen not to run down it when not nursing an injury. I'll usually run down three of the four miles.

Injuries to back, neck and both hands eliminated bike riding for me. I'm glad I can still walk, particularly uphill and off Trail. I love climbing mountains still. It's one of the things I can still do in the face of numerous injuries and a handful of medical conditions including getting over covid-19.

Go with what you got has been my motto since I broke my back at 18 and the doctors told me that I would never walk right, never run, and not to think about skiing again. Since that time I made a living working outside, skiing, carrying a backpack full of field gear, and numerous other ways of making a living with my body, including being a massage therapist and alternative healer. Go with what you've got.

While still in my prime at Lake Tahoe the boyfriend of one of my hiking pals really enjoyed food, adult beverages, and had numerous other bad habits. He weighed somewhere approaching 250 lb on an average frame. He said his two favorite sports were scuba diving and skydiving. Both required skill but not much athletic endurance was required.