@rachelseacat thanks for reaching out about your Altras. 

Advice from one of our running experts @REI-PearlD on an earlier thread about running shoe durability: "while the longevity of a particular running shoe depends on the runner, where she's running, and her running gait, a rule of thumb is that the lower the price point, the less wear you'll get out of the shoe, usually due to the lighter materials used in its construction. Most runners might see anywhere from 300-500 miles of wear on a particular shoe; for me, a woman who has a heavier footstrike, runs 30 miles/week, and has a large body frame, I find that there are certain shoes that I have to replace after only 200 miles, so I'll buy two pairs so I can switch them out and extend their lifespans. For more on running shoe construction, check out this article from On Running."

You've got a good link from @BlueRidge for contacting Altra directly about the break-down of your shoes. In addition, we offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee; if you believe the break-down you're experiencing is not due to normal wear and tear (which wouldn't be covered by our guarantee), once your local REI store has reopened, you could certainly stop by and chat with our Customer Servce team about a possible refund/exchange.

We hope this helps!

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