@Elsa I agree with a lot of what people have already shared, in that you'll need to try stuff on and decide what feels best and what you want for your running. I have the new Vapor Howe (2.0? the purple one) and I've read reviews saying that people don't like it as much as the old one but honestly I've been loving it for my first running vest; it doesn't chafe me and it sits pretty well with several adjustable straps to get it to feel and sit the way you want it. I'm a trail runner converted into a road runner and no matter where I run, I always want to make sure I'm prepared--maybe I will get lost or hungry or not have access to water or a bandaid, etc. Even during races I like having the vest because I prefer to drink a little bit of water more frequently, rather than just accepting water every couple miles. (I find if I drink too much at once I get sloshy in my stomach or feel burpy/gassy.) I don't mind the sloshing in the pack, I find if you get it situated property and fill it completely it's usually not as noticeable. I like having all the pockets for my snacks, phone, key, ID/credit card, sunglasses, a tissue, etc. Even though running with a full vest like that can feel a bit cumbersome or occasionally a bit sore if you're doing longer distances, I really love knowing that I'm prepared for those 3 hours training alone out wherever I am. It's really just the sore shoulders that I've had to deal with, and my other running friends tell me that that's commonplace when you run with a running vest especially if you run tense or don't stretch those muscles beforehand or if you did arm day a couple days prior or whatnot.