Hi @knunez001! On my off days of running, I either do yoga or come up with my own WOD that's focused on building up my core and legs. I find it really important to incorporate yoga to make sure I'm stretching out and getting in some extra core strength. It also helps me focus on my breathing, which I find helpful when I take on longer runs. Lately, I've been enjoying CorePower Yoga's Sculpt classes that are available online right now--they've been releasing new classes each week. As for my WODs, I usually do 4-5 rounds of 4-6 exercises, usually between 20-30 reps per exercise depending what it is. Right now my exercises have been focused a lot on body weight because I have limited equipment at my house. Some of my go-to exercises are mountain climbers, squat jumps, jumping lunges, plank dips, burpees, push-ups, v-ups and chair dips. Hope that helps ignite some ideas for you! 

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