Hey @Fatimonster!

@REI-BryanV gave an excellent run-down of the Sense. I just want to add that if you really enjoy the feel of your Hokas, you might look at the Hoka Speedgoat 4.

This shoe is made with Vibram Megagrip on the outsole, which is Vibram's rubber that's specially optimized for maximum grip in both wet and dry conditions. It's not going to fit exactly like the Challenger, but that float/cushion is experience will be more similar to what you're currently wearing than the Salomon Sense, which is more responsive. 

It's well to note that many people do wear different shoes for road and trail running, especially if you're going for a more aggressive/technical shoe option like the Speedgoat. The reason is that technical trail runners are going to have longer lugs for traction, and a softer rubber which will wear quickly on a concrete/asphalt surface. Think of the difference between a winter car tire and a summer or all-season tire--your winter tires are softer, optimized for colder temperatures and therefore, wear much more quickly during the summer. It's exactly the same with road and trail shoes. The Hoka Challenger is considered a "light" trail shoe because the rubber is less grippy and the lugs are more shallow, so you could wear it on road or trail. 

I hope our answers help! See you on the trails!

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