Disclaimer: I like nearly every variation of running! Whether it’s a long quiet solo run, a big group run, or a run with a close friend, I find running to be a rewarding experience.

When is it nice to run solo? I run alone when I want time to process. I find myself mentally scanning through everything that has been going on in the past week, month, or maybe even year. I am able to celebrate success, embrace change, and analyze problems. While running along, my brain doesn’t really think linearly. It’ll bounce from “Oh no! I forgot to email that person!” to “Hmmm, I think broccoli and sweet potatoes would be good for dinner.” Taking the time to run solo is extremely rewarding, because it enables me to check in with myself. And when I finish that run, I know that it was my two legs and feet that carried me from point A to point B.

Flip side? Running with a friend can be a sweet reward! I benefit emotionally, physically, and socially from running with a friend because they can be encouraging and make me laugh! After a run with a friend, I usually finish thinking “Wow! We’re done already?!” Some of my friends push my pace – faster, which helps me work on my speed, or slower, which helps me work on maintaining a lower heart rate. Running with friends has also helped me grow my community, allowing me to connect with other runners over time.

One of my favorite runs was both solo & with a friend. I had a long run planned, but wanted to spend time with a friend, who wasn’t interested in long distance. I planned an out-and-back route, and connected with my friend at a spot in the middle. She met me at mile nine, ran seven with me, and then sent me off to run home. It was a perfectly crafted plan; knowing that my friend was waiting motivated me to get to the mid-point, and just when I hit the hardest part of the run, I found myself with a friend who was fresh and able to chat with me about everything under the stars! And for my final push home, I enjoyed the silence, felt my worked muscles, and appreciated the trail I was on.

The benefits of running are endless. We’d love to hear: what sort of running do you like to do? What’s your favorite type of run? A group brewery run, solo sunrise run, or maybe something else?

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

I'm not sure how this happened, but I can't even think of anyone who runs regularly where we live in Western NY. Thus, I run alone - and I like it.  I'm not locked in to anyone's time or pace but my own.  And because I can be quiet, I see wildlife, always good for bonus points.  Around here it's foxes, the occasional fisher, lots of white-tail deer, etc.

When I'm in Washington state for the summers, however, I do actually know people who run.

But I usually run alone anyway.

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I run alone. Yeah with nobody else. And you know when I run alone, I prefer to be by myself. Sincerely, George Thorogood

What about your good friend Johnny Walker?

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Of course with a friend.

Right now I run alone, and I mean totally alone.  For about 8 months now I've been getting up and running at about 3:30 am about 5 days a week, and then I eat and get ready for work.  There's absolutely nobody out at that time, barely any cars on the road so I run in the middle of the street, and the best part is it's completely silent.  It jumpstarts my energy for the day and I get a ton of great brainstorming time for working towards my goals.  


@wthephasdin wow, 3:30am?! Do you live in a place that's somewhat temperate year-round, so you're not also braving super cold temps in addition to the dark? Thanks for sharing!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Tucson, Arizona 😉

Through the winter the lows at that time in the AM are around 40 degrees.  Baselayers, dri-fit tees, hat, gloves, Hoka's, Garmin Fenix, and I'm good 2 go!