@Rika17 I did! I’ve only started running frequently since 2012 .  Never liked running growing up.  I got sucked in because of my friends social media influences, and they influenced me positively for once... Ha! 

My advice would be start by volunteering at a local run, where you encourage every runner and tell them they are doing great, etc.  Trust me, when you start running yourself, you’ll need the same encouragement from you to yourself.  

Then, find a running buddy. Running buddy is optional but is probably important for a newbie. start running with local running clubs or groups.

then, buy a pair of shoes that suit your biomechanics and make you look good. 

Anyway, running buddy or not, find a scenic route that allows you flexibility to run long or short as you like, preferably close to restrooms... and then just go running.  

To me, the joy of running is a self perpetuating mental state, but you have to take the first step.  I hope you find success and see you outside sometimes!